(English) CE Coaching essentials

Coaching skills have long ceased to be limited to those with the sign "coach" on the door. Coaching is a broad term and includes various forms of guiding others in their development.

In this training you will learn how to contribute to someone's development in the work context from different roles. A coachee, a colleague or an entire team. You will also develop more awareness about how you develop yourself or where your development might stagnate.

We use the concept of 'flip the classroom'. This means that you master the theory as much as possible in advance and then practice it under the guidance of a coach trainer.

The theme of the first day is 'The five critical success factors for coaching'. The theme of the second day is the 'situational' interpretation of your role, also depending on the seniority of the other person.

Are you considering becoming a professional coach? Then this training is a great start. The training can provide exemptions within the accredited post-HBO courses of Coach Boulevard.

This training is planned on: 
First day 12 januari 2023
Second day 15 februari 2023

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